I have worked all my life since I was eight years old. I am thankful that I have had good health and the opportunity to work approximately thirty jobs in my lifetime and change careers successfully. Many years, I raced from one job to the next and then to school, some times fore fitting my lunchtime, to get to school or the next job on time. I am currently a Registered Nurse.

I can remember working so hard for so many years and when I finally went on vacation, I practically slept my entire vacation away because I was so tired.

I realized that I had to find the right opportunity and make some changes to make a better life for myself. Several of the opportunities that I thought were good opportunities did not turn out well.

No matter what I always felt that if I stayed focused I would find the right opportunity. FinallyI have found that opportunity in Wealthy Affiliates and I intend to work and take advantage of this opportunity to achieve my goals.

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