The Evolution of The Car

The automobile has evolved tremendously over the years. Many features that a car owner takes for granted, are built in cars today as standard features. Many of the repairs made years ago primarily on car engines are a thing of the past. The technology, new engines computers and refined lubricants and engine oils for car engines are parts of the evolution that have made cars so much more efficient, improved emissions, and made cars more pleasant to drive. The automobile industry has developed a variety of quality cheap car accessories to customize our cars, and set them apart from other cars.

We now have autonomous vehicles that will drive a car without a driver. The car is actually capable of driving itself. This development was thought of as space age technology years ago.

We have electric cars as well, that are able to travel several hundred miles on a single charge. Charging stations have been developed and placed all over the world to charge electric cars when needed. With every type of car made an array of cheap auto accessories are developed for that type of car.

All types of Flex Fuel cars that run on various formulations of gasoline and ethanol are available today.

The Progression of automobiles

The progression of automobiles have lead to increased safety with seat belts and air bags. Cars now have anti lock brakes, driver assist technology to help you avoid and prevent accidents,  and to park your car.

Car recognition systems are available in many cars to help drivers find directions, send emails, make phone calls, adjust radio volumes and play music.

You can buy cheap car accessories to free your hands up and hold your phone for you while you are driving. There are many other accessories included as standard accessories on many cars such as backup cameras that provide a view when you are backing your car up. DVD players, power seats that allow you to position your car seat in the most comfortable position. Tire pressure gauges, USB chargers, phone chargers, and other cheap auto accessories you can buy, that help you drive safely and perform many mundane tasks that keep you up to speed with your daily life.

Seat warmers are standard in many vehicles now. In some vehicles, seat warmers are provided for all seats in the car.

Factors to consider when buying a car

If you buy a used car, have you obtained the car’s history report or car fax? Have a mechanic check the car to see if the car has water damage or has been in a flood.

Other than basic transportation or just going back and forth to work, what other things do you use your car for? Running errands, shopping, picking up the kids, transport and delivery, vacation, or a chick magnet to attract a potential partner?

Does your car give you a sense of freedom? Do you have an emotional attachment to your car? Is your car your pride and joy or just a means of transportation? Where does your car rank in the value of your assets, or items of value that you own? Is your car the major asset that you own or does it rank at number two behind your house?


Have you thought about maintenance, car payments, car insurance. Does the benefit of you having your car outweigh the cost to own your car?

Have you recently purchased your car? Are you thinking about buying another car, keeping the car you have, or trading your car in the near future.


Can you afford the car that you intend to buy? Is the car that you own costing you too much money in repairs to keep it. Decisions have to be made based on many factors such as income, the style, make and model that appeals to us and how long we intend to keep the car. Would leasing be an option for you? Some people lease cars for a couple of years and trade them in at the end of the lease or purchase them.

Once we make the decision and buy a car the next thing we do is to obtain accessories for the car to make and customize it to our own needs, with apps and accessories. We now have apps and accessories that will diagnose whatever is wrong with your car instantly.

When I think of the hours I have spent over the years with the ten cars I have owned or leased, just waiting at the car dealer to diagnose whatever was wrong with my car when the engine light came on, I cringe. How much anxiety do you experience when you are waiting and wondering what your total repair bill will be?

Many car dealers will charge you for repairs or items they claim to have serviced or repaired on your car, and that service item has not been completed.


The FIXD diagnostic tool is one of the cheap car accessories  that will diagnose whatever is wrong with your car. It is actually a sensor that plugs into your vehicle, situated below your dashboard and steering wheel. This device sends information to a FIXED app that is provided to you when you purchase the device. It will diagnose whatever problem you are having with your car and give you an estimate of what the repair should cost. It is compatible with IOS and Android mobile devices and phones.

An IOS device is the most popular mobile operating system used in mobile phones, I pad, I pod Touch and I Phone. An Android device is a device that runs on the Android Systems included in mobile phones, operating systems and core applications and middle ware.

These cheap auto accessories are cost saving tools that help you avoid unscrupulous car mechanics that will lie to you and charge you for repairs that are not needed or do not exist. The FIXD Diagnostic tool will minimize the overall cost you spend to maintain your vehicle, decrease your anxiety level, and provide you with a pleasurable driving experience.

These accessories will help you realize that life is good, because you are prepared and well-equipped to take control of your own destiny. You have the confidence to know that you don’t have to worry about your car and your safety.

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