Car producers and owners know the benefits of owning a car are innumerable.

 Many ways  can be  utilized based on your style, preference and the things that you like, to personally customize your car. Whatever features you deem important to you are possible, when you buy cheap car accessories  to enhance the safety, security, utlity, beauty, convenience and feeling of owning your car.

What is my definition of Cheap car accessories? When I write about cheap car accessories , I am referring to  items you can buy that can save you money with your cars operation, keep you safe, extinguish a fire, replace a tire, keep your car clean help you get started after  a breakdown. 

I want to emphasize Safety and Saving Money

Essential Cheap Car Accessories;

1. A  Flashlight: A flashlight is indespencable. It can illuminate your immediate area around you and prvide light to oncoming  traffic and keep you safe.

2. A spare tire: Many cars come with a donut or a  small temporary spare tire substtute. This  should be replaced with a full                     

                       size spare tire, jack and wrench to replace the tire if you have a flat. A full size tire is safer than a donut.

3. A FIXD car diagnostic management Device:This device can be used currently for all gasoline powered cars. It works 

  together with your cellphone to diagnose any problem you may have with your car.  It will also tell you what any car  repair     

    you might need should cost you. It’s about the size of a ciarette pack and will easly plug into a port in your dashboard.      

4. Kitty Litter: Can be used to abssorb  moisture  and provide friction between your tire  and a slippery or icey spot to get 

                     your car unstuck from an icey spot.

5. Floor Mats: A must have to keep yor car clean.

6. Jumper Cables: To jump start your car with another car.

7. Puncture Repair Kit: To reair a punctured tire.

8. A first Aid Kit.

9.  A fire extinguisher

10. A safety vest: to wear whenever a  repair is being done.

11. A blanket: To keep you warm if you break down. To kneel on when making a repair.

12. A GPS navigator: To help you with directions to find your destinationn point.

All of the items listed will contribute to your safety. The FIXD car diagnostic and management device has the potential to save you a lot of money with car repairs.


There are many other cheap car accessories that can be purchased to improve the utility of your car.  Some of the popular cheap car accessories are;

Phone Chargers

Phone  Holders

Seat gap Fillers

Seat protectors

Floor Liners

Sun Visor Extenders

Car Waxes and polish

Oil treatments and additives


Air Freshners

Cop Holders

With chaep car accessories, you can enhance and create many features in your car, to create a space uniqe to you and your environment and to keep you safe. To have your own space gives you a special feeling of exuberance and pride of ownership that you can enjoy, whenever you like. Your car can become your sanctuary and special place of peace and tranquility , your  music heaven, your safe place to enjoy.

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