The FIXD OBD2 Auto Scanner Diagnostic Tool is a simple scanning Tool about the size of a cigaret pack, that can be plugged into your dashboard detect what ever is wrong with your gasoline powered car.This scanning toolis able to identify problems and provide information related to your arranging from why your car’s engine light is honor why your car is not running properly .The FIXD OBD2 device is the choice of many professionals, as this premium quality product is designed and manufactured the United States by the ASE Certified Mechanics.FIXD saves you precious time by making your car’s technical etiology simple and easy to understand and it does at a very affordable price compared to automobile dealers exorbitant prices.

Used together with a phone app.

This powerful tool along with it’s dedicated phone app makes the perfect duo to keep your car in the best condition. The size of the code reader is very compact, about the size of a pack of cigarettes. it can be stored easily in your glove compartment. You can hold the device in the palm of your hand.


Features of the Best Auto Scanner Diagnostic tool

There is a barite of information that this device offers which makes it the best auto scanner diagnostic tool in the industry. This device can detect up to 6,800 distinct problems thathmight cause your car’s engine light to come on. From issues like your car’s oil temperature, to identifying and telling if you car’s Oxygen filter has failed or needs changing. FIXDOBD2 does it all. What differentiates this product from all other products and makes the best auto scanner diagnostic tool amongst it’s competitors is the fact that FIXD works together with your phone, once the fixed app is installed in your phone. One  other feature that makes it the greatest is the fact that the mobile app, which reinforces the scanner, is one of the best designed apps ever and it works like a charm.


Money Saver

Most good things come with a heft price., but that is not the cace with the FIXD OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool. FIXD offers this amazing, extremely helpful scanner a low affordable price under 65.00. If you purchase multiple sensors, discounts apply. You also geta money back guarantee of 30 days.


Freedom From Worry

We all have some idea of how car dealers and mechanics. work. You go to them with a problem with your car. They ‘ll diagnose whatever is wrong with your car  with other problems that might  actually not exist. They do so to make extra money as they know most the general public, are unaware of our car’s technicalities. With the help of the FIXD OBD2 Coide Reader you can finally get rid of being charged extra by unscrupulous car dealers and repairmen . Thanks toits simple layout and information system, you will know exactly what is wrong with your car. So you can just go to the mechanic and telll them exactly what you want fixed without having any trust issues. What’s more amazing is that the app also gives you an estimate of how much it should cost you to fix the indicated problem, which can further save you from getting wrongfully charged by the mechanic.


Works with Your Phone

The FIXD app is available on the Google Play Store for all android devices, as well as the Apple App Store, providing great accessibility android and iPhone users as well.The FIXD OBD2 Reader is easy to install in your car and can be seamlesslyconnected with your phone in very little time through its Bluetooth connectivity feature. All in all, the FIXD OBD2 sensor provides you with seamless and easy synchronize wireless connectivity, so you can have the satisfaction of knowing your cars health from your phone.


The Best Auto Scanner Diagnostic Tool

The FIXD app is the real deal. The app is what helps in setting apartFIXD from other brands making the same type of sensors because none of them provide easy to understandnformation, as the FIXD App.

It’s available on both the Apple stored Play Store.This app is the perfect companion for you in idetifyingwhatever is wrong with your car. The FIXD app shows you any andall problems, along with a detailed description each and every problem.

The app also alerts you on the eriousnessof the issue, with a warning. Your car’s milage is also shown through a visual timeline, on the apps you know exactly what maintenance job to get done at what mileage milestone.

The appalls sends out notifications to your phone, as soon as some problem occurs so that you’re well informed the problem before you even notice it in your car. You also get timely maintenance and service reminders on your phone so you know when to take your car for a tune-up inspection.

The FIXD App also feature FIXD Live Data, which basically shows your vehicle’s live data in different display options like gauges,graphicalor numerical views.


In conclusion

The B Auto Scanner Diagnostic Toolis Great for monitoring your car’s health

Keeps you well informed by stating the exact issue with your car

Provides you with the consequences the identified problem

Compatible with both Android and Apple devices.


Who is the FIXD OBD2 App For?

This tool is ideal for car owners who want to know and maintain their car’s health all times. They want to know exactly what is wrong with their car and not be charged for repairs that are unnecessary and expensive that many times don’t exist. They do not trust car dealers and mechanics. The FIXD App takes care of these trust issues.




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